Twas the day before Christmas…

Small Car big snow

Christmas is tomorrow and here in Steamboat Springs it’s always a white one. This morning at 7:00am it started dumping snow hard and in the last three hours six inches have fallen and I don’t think its stopping for a while! This is great, however I have not purchased anyone a gift yet and I need to get food for a Christmas dinner and to top it all off I have to dig out the driveway and make room for the guests that will be arriving tomorrow. Looks like I will have to get my snow blower fixed here real soon!

2 thoughts on “Twas the day before Christmas…

  1. Steamboat is the best place for X-mas relaxation and enjoyment. You are very lucky to live there…The best gift for bay jesus is for a family to enjoy natures wonderful gift…Snow….Ski it play in it but be sure to enjoy in it!
    Happy Holidays Steamboat…….
    Gift buying……no need =
    The Steamboat Hills Country Club and its staff are the GREATEST gift anyone could receive!

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