SkiJam and Steamboat Live Music Rant Part #2

When I last blogged SkiJam I mentioned I would “be back to comment on the rest of the evening when time allows me.” Well the car got smashed so I took a few days to deal with insurance and stuff but now I’m back.

I sat down this morning and gave my Zilla tape a listen and cut tracks. Then it hit me, this band is BORING. “JAMATHON” ends the run with a trance band with a drummer and a mac book. The sound was very reminiscent of another drum based trance band that played around Steamboat Springs around 2002 called Earthtone. While everyone in Steamboat seemed to enjoy Earthtone we all knew it was due to the few cute girls they would prance on stage and all the mushrooms the band would hand out before the show. While I was wavering during the Zilla performance I looked around the room at all the underage drinkers, one gave me a shot of his Jager. This was the highlight of the set for me.

As I listened to the recording attempting to cut songs into tracks I noticed a pattern. All the songs sound the same! So I just cut it into chunks like an idiot. No clue of what the songs title was, or when it ended, or the next song started. I was just glad to get through it without needing some uppers.

So here it is, for those of you who were too wasted to remember the performance you enjoyed so much at SkiJam, grab it via torrent thanks to our friends at

If you need instant trance satisfaction check out the podcast.

One thought on “SkiJam and Steamboat Live Music Rant Part #2

  1. I decided not to attend this year’s Skijam – thankfully. It was bad enough that I had to suffer through listening to phrog cut the tracks for this schlock. My suggestion was to just leave it as one long track of tortuous crap and let some Zilla head cut the tracks. If this is the best the SkiJam folks can come up with (not to mention Bud-Fucking-Light!!!) they may as well stay in Texas.

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