Picking up the Peaces

Well It’s 11:35am or so and I’m drinking my second cup of coffee, getting a grasp on all the entertainment I experienced last night at the Steamboat Mountain Theater. <-- they have beer! When my dearest friend, Laura Lamun, world famous for “Tired Old Ass Soak” and many other healing bath products over at Little Moon Essentials invited me to come see her sing her ass off.. I got excited.

The band is called “The Easy Peaces”, they don’t seem to have a website or I would link to it for them. What they do have is a great group of Steamboat Springs area musicians covering somewhat psychedelic music from the 1960’s. They are a very warm fuzzy band with most everyone in the audience knowing the band members personally, everyone smiling and drinking and maybe a few who took some LSD and tried to foolishly dance around.

I have to get some work done today so I’m going to cut this short (it’s now noon) and let the music speak for itself.

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