Golf Season

Well golf season is here! The Steamboat Hills Country Club has been open a little while and I have been able to play a couple dozen games there already. Many flowers, birds & neighborhood pets have returned. If you like technical golfing with some serious rough and water hazards Steamboat Hills is the place to spend your time, however when you need a change of pace the Hidden Gulch course is now open as well. I’m not really sure why they call it “Hidden Gulch” since it is on a beautiful ridge with some breathless views of the Yampa valley area. It is a more open spaced course with some very long par fives that may leave you cursing the wind in your face but it give you a sense of accomplishment if you shoot even close to a par game. Hidden Gulch is also the only course in the world where you can bring your own golf cart along, so last time I drove the convertible.Hidden Gulch Golf Cart
Peace Through Wiff!

One thought on “Golf Season

  1. awwww…. pretty lil’ thang! Marleen looks fabulosa’

    ps. just vruisn your site dude. looks cool , lots of stuff.

    and thamks for the ampuwritewup for the show at the smt. dont forget were playn rio for halloween, and with agent orange in dec!

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