2 thoughts on “Dell puts Ubuntu Linux on its main page.

  1. June 4th – Dell stopped offering Extended Warranties and CompleteCare coverage for Ubuntu systems. Yeah that makes a LOT of sense to say that ubuntu hasa better chance of bricking hardware then Vista. Now we know MS sleeps with DELL.

  2. Dell won’t sell you an extended warranty on Linux because all the extended providers are just windows idiots. They have no fucking clue how to work a real operating system like UNIX, Linux or OSX.

    They feel they “earn” the money they steal from the insurance companies that issue the policies for Dell and others. They don’t want to learn anything new that could put at risk the thieving income they obtain while supporting a broken Windows installs.

    These service providers complain to Dell that they will not support the Linux Dells because they are afraid of them and they know nothing about them.

    Dell has no choice but to not sell a service if they cannot provide it. This is not the fault of Dell or the Linux community. It is a direct result of the refusal of the technicians to try something different.

    If anyone tells you that you can “brick” your computer by installing a different OS, tell them you can also melt motherboards in Vista with an email and I bet they will believe you. fools.

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