Rhys, free to roam the streets again.

Watch out!Yes, you heard that right the man without a plan is back, with Jesus on his side and all his fees paid for at the ole courthouse. This guy was one of Judge Jim’s first ever Defendants and likewise one of Rhys’s first ever judges. When he came back to Steamboat Springs from a 18 month hiatus I went to the courthouse to check up on him. You guessed it.. a warrant for his arrest in effect.. he owes the court $496 bucks for fees or shit like that. Anyway, he gets a job and and gets $800 in the first week. While he was drinking and smoking crack that evening I asked him for the cash so I could pay his fines and shit.. he gave it to me. So I walked proudly into the courtroom with this fucker and his fine was payed. judge Jim laughed and proclaimed him “Free to roam the streets again.” Welcome back Rhys!

One thought on “Rhys, free to roam the streets again.

  1. As the Accused (and Convicted) perhaps now I may be allowed a word in my defense.

    My Plan will work, ain’t smoked crack in years, and if i would’ve known I’d still owe them money, I’m not sure I would’ve done the extra time at the Routt County Hilton. I’m a great quasi-Lawyer, too!! Hence the debt…

    I have returned, after TOO LONG, and I am ready to enjoy your company again!! I hope to see you out and about!! — Rhys

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