Lock’s Nuts!

My friend Lock who lives up the hill woke my ass up so freekin early the other day, he made my head spin.

On his drive back from Oak Creek the other morning his lugnuts came loose and my house is on the way to his so he stopped here. He needed a ride home, I needed some coffee. I was hoping to run out to his truck and tighten him up and send him on his way but when I saw Lock’s nuts I just got into my car with him and drove his spastic ass home.

When I got back to my place I re-observed the damage. He was in need of some parts, striped studs, beat up nuts and a seriously screwed wheel. Two trips to the auto parts store later parts were obtained & we fixed it at Monster Shed.

Lock's Nuts

2 thoughts on “Lock’s Nuts!

  1. this blog kicks ass, im glad sombody finally satrted p a place that thye ral people of the boat can hang out on,….why am i not a friend?
    word to big bird and piece ot


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