The Wailers – Ah sey one

The free concert series is here! Last night it got kicked off to a great start with The Wailers jamming all your favorite old school Bob Marley and the Wailers music. The stage was set up nice and the sound system was super tight. I love it when It’s loudy and last night it was. From an audio nerd standpoint the show was fucking awesome. I taped it about twenty feet from the stage in a sea of lambsbread, sandy bare feet and an occasional body surfer. Honestly there was body surfing.. crazy. The fiah was everywhere and the crowd was mostly cool but lacked um.. something. Oh Yeah! I remember now (short term loss) someone fucked up and forgot to file some something so there was NO BEER! I know.. you just can’t believe it, however it is true.

“The permit was approved,” said Dan Hartman, acting director of the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. “It was just that the applicant put the wrong date on the application.”

I hope somebody got shit canned for that one. WHO SCREWED UP ON THE BEER? We deserve to know. I know one thing for sure.. If you are throwing the party make sure you have beer. If there is no beer and the Wailers are playing for free in Colorado be prepared for the medical cutchie to get passed around a bit. Thats what happened.

Super phat props to everyone who hung out with me that day. Lock for the electricity, Ken for the PBR’s, Rhys for sneaking the PBR’s in, Gene and Becca ( <- donno spelling sorry) for the jedi services, and Tery for everything.

Some bumboclots to be mentioned.. The guy who threw the bottle from the first row and it went real fast right at me, the VERY ANNOYING radio announcer that came out halfway through the show and started screaming “DO YOU WANT MORE” like we were stupid enough to believe it was going to end then, Oh and one more.. Whoever that guy was with the video camera running around like he owned the place shoving everyone else around and generally not being mindful. Oh and the guy who fucked up on the beer.

If you would like a copy of the show, you can download it via bittorrent thanks to

If you need some Wailers right now, listen below.

2 thoughts on “The Wailers – Ah sey one

  1. tasty is right……RIGHT ON…… who needs beer you drunks, gods gift is much better anyhow.

    Thanxs for the tunes phrog….

    peace through music……..and whiff

    wookies in training

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