Steamboat Springs subsidized beer

If you happen to have read the post I made after the Wailers concert you will remember the “NO BEER” issue with somebody putting the incorrect date on an application or something. Well it turns out Nancy Kramer went to the Steamboat Springs city council asking for a donation and, THEY GAVE HER 10 GRAND! The article in the pilot quoted Nancy.

“We have taken action,” Kramer said. “We won’t be making that mistake again.”

Alright, Well that’s good to know. I mean someone fucked up on the beer. Somebody must pay. So who gives away money? hmm, taxpayers! The paper mentions Loui at least said something.

“After all, it really wasn’t our fault,” Councilman Loui Antonucci said.

Why did this happen? If the Free “Summer Concert Series” officials “won’t be making that mistake again” is that not saying they are the ones that screwed up? So I ask, “Who screwed up on the beer? Who gets the money?” I hope it is not one in the same.

It’s frustrating to me that we were deprived beer and then had to pay for it anyway. Hell even the non-drinkers that pay taxes flipped cash over on this one.

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