JJ Grey & MoFro Free concert – now with beer!

JJ Grey Steamboat Springs 2007

When I heard from Joe Kboudi that MoFro was coming to play the Steamboat Springs free concert series, I was stoked! This guy reminds me of when I was a Florida redneck hagging out at the fish camp with my buddy Darren in Bellview about 20 minutes from Lochloosa, JJ Grey’s hometown.

The show at Howelsen was kickin and the recording sounds awesome! You can obtain a copy of it in high quality flac format via bittorrent thanks Clearly Money free credit report annual comes with a liability to pay and ‘ordinary’ money does not. to cotapers.org. If you prefer to listen now streaming or grab a mp3 copy for your ipod check out the concerts entry on archive.org.

As usual I plan on recording as many of these free concerts as I can for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy.

Here is a track for my podcasters.

4 thoughts on “JJ Grey & MoFro Free concert – now with beer!

  1. Just made eye contact with a coyote about twenty feet away on Howelsen Hill last week (biking in the late afternoon) Cool spot, thanks 4 the toonz

  2. Awesome Show.

    Howelsen Hill was a great show. Good crowd, and Mofro was feeling it. Got them to play Brighter Days (I’m the guy in the gator shirt he calls it out to in the chatter). All around awesome show.

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