Los Lonely Boys Steamboat Springs 2007

Another free concert in Steamboat Springs! I must admit, I’m not a Los Lonely Boys fan. I just don’t like the “Texican” sound I guess. I try to record everything I can in Steamboat Springs mainly for archival purposes. Somebody always asks enthusiastically “Did you tape that show?!” and I like to make that person happy.

I was quite surprised with the turnout. Despite a wet, soggy, muddy, Howelsen Hill many came from the baseball games and condos to come see them. It was quite odd to me.. It seemed as if every kid in on every triple crown team was singing along, knowing all of the lyrics.

The sound system was a bit muddy and there was a pretty awful humm coming through it the entire performance. It was not the same rig they have been using so far this season. I hope they get the go back to the other one, the recordings sound much better with it.

You can download a flac copy of the recording via bittorrent or you can grab ipod ready mp3s from the LMA.

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