Sam Bush Band – Howlers at Howelsen Hill

Sam Bush and Band came through Steamboat Springs on Wednesday and lit up the hill with some awesome mandolin. It seemed everyone in town got a groove on for the performance. I had a great time.

Sam Bush 2007However, I had a few beers and lost my taper edge. I failed to notice some guy that was howling like a banshee on a roller coaster for the last twenty minutes. So he got away with it.. without the traditional duct tape ball chuck and evil look to shut him up. None the less he will now be known to all the listeners of this recording. It’s quite distinct, so if you recognize this howl at another Steamboat Springs live performance, please do your part and thank him from all of us.

Download a copy of the show via bittorrent and let me know what ya think.



If you see someone is howling into the microphones should you try to stop them?
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2 thoughts on “Sam Bush Band – Howlers at Howelsen Hill

  1. It’s a tough call whenever someone is being overly loud at the microphones. Some people are blatant and will walk right up to the microphones and yell into them. These folks are just ignorant fools and there isn’t much you can do about them. Others are just having a really good time, have had a few beers and don’t realize that the mics are even there. They are the out-of-beat clappers, ear piercing whistlers and, well, howlers. I don’t think the recording is ruined, although it can be annoying to listen to.

  2. I downloaded your recording via Co-tapers and have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for recording and sharing it with us.
    As far howling or other wise disturbing people: I record shows myself and when I know they will spoil part of my recording I gesture them to be quiet and point to my mics, most times it helps. My experience is that often they feel ashamed being recorded. It’s possible that the fact that I’m a female taper helps, men don’t like to be “corrected” by other men. It can also be a different attitude in my country ( the Netherlands).

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