Pseudonym email for windows with JBN2 and PGP

These are my notes on installing the required software to utilize a pseudo anonymous remailer or “Nymserver” using Windows XP and available software. These are really just my install notes, however I’m posting them to my blog in case someone might find it useful.

Everything you need to get this up and running is available for download from panta you will need to grab pgp v658,Mixmaster and JBN2 at a minimum. Optionally you can grab the very useful panta mod for JBN.

Step 1 – Choose A Nymserver
For this example I will be using, mainly because I want a cool email address. A list of others is maintained on the panta wiki.

Step 2 – Choose An Address
I have to determine if the email address I want is available, to do so I sent a blank email to and then waited for a reply with a list of unavailable addresses. I got impatient waiting on the reply to arrive so I went to a command window and used finger instead, like this:

FINGER list@nym.borked.netStep 3 - Install pgp
I chose to only install "PGP Key Management" and "PGP Command Line" components because I believe this is all that is required. The install asked for a reboot and so I gave it one. Then I noticed after the reboot a new icon on the taskbar, by the clock.

Step 4 - Make Keys
Clicking on my shiny new "PGPtray" icon and then "PGPkeys" launched the "Key Generation Wizard" when asked for a name and email address use the address you intend to use on the nymserver, NOT your real identity! For this example we will use the "Full name" of "nymer" and an "Email address" of "". Then I let the wizard choose the default "Diffie-Hellman/DSS" key pair and key pair size. If you want your key pair to expire eventually then you will need to change the default settings. CHOOSE A PASSPHRASE YOU WILL NOT FORGET!

Step 5 - Install Mixmaster
This is way simple. just extract the contents of the zip file into c:\Mix and then your ready for JBN to help with its configuration.

Step 6 - Install JBN
Installing this is simple I just clicked through the defaults. I chose to also mod this install of JBN with the panta mod, so I unpacked the zip file and then ran setup.bat. A couple dialog boxes popped up with some sort of "Succeeded" message. I think this is good.

Oh and by the way, the list@ email reply arrived about now. :P

Step 7 - Start Up JBN
When I first run JBN it pops up a box asking what version of PGP I'm using, I choose "PGP 5.5.3x/6.x" because I'm using 6.5.8, then set the Mixmaster path to C:\Mix. I turned on automatic everything but the stats URL's are all broken in the default config so I received a ton of failures, so I started canceling everything knowing I could set that stuff up later once I get into the config. Then it asked for some random characters and finally JBN opened.

Step 8 - Stats Sources JBN
Now we have to remove all the bad stats sources. Go to "Window" then "Stats Config" and hit the "Cypherpunk" tab, where we will have to change everything. Start by just erasing everything in each box then we will fill in the blanks.

for "CPunk Stats URLs"
for "CPunk Chain Stats URLs"
for "CPunk Keys URLs"

Then go to the "Mixmaster" tab and again erase everything and replace with these.

for "Mix Stats URLs"
for "Type2.list ; Pubring.mix URLs";
Then close the option window by hitting "OK".

Step 9 - Refresh JBN's stats & keychains
Within JBN go to "Tools" then "Refresh Stats". When prompted to add new remailers choose "Yes to all" then the "Remailer Capabilitys Update" popup will bitch about remailer strings no longer in your stats sources, remove them by hitting "Yes", then again, and again, and again, until you have purged all the old ones.

Then you will get another popup asking if you would like to update your Cpunk keys chose "Yes" and confirm your key source URL and hit "OK" if prompted about missing keys just hit "OK to all" and then do the same with your Mixmaster keys. When it asks to add Mixmaster remailers use "Yes to all" and rember to remove the dead ones. You should now have working stats and keys. Check with "Window" then "Check Configuration", if all goes well you should get a message saying "No problems were encountered". yell w00t! and be happy you got through that bullshit.

Step 10 - Configure Send Profile
We need to be able to send outgoing mail so lets set some server settings in "Window" then "Send Profiles". As you can see you can have several outgoing accounts.. we will only need one. Check the "Enable" box then proceed to the "SMTP server" this is your ISP's mail server that you use in other email client configs. You are also required to provide a "From Header:" this can be any email address valid or not. If your SMTP server requires you to use a login and password you will need to have the pant mod installed and you login information will need to be added in "Window" then "Panta Mod Config".

Step 11 - Nym Configuration
From the main JBN window you will see a sort of file browser in the farthest pane to the right side, In that file browser go to "Nyms", you should now be presented with some templates to do nym stuff, for this example we will start with "Quick Nym.NBK". Doubble click it and it should open a "Nym Book", this is a tool for creating or updating a nym alias.

We start with the "Account" tab and fill in the "Account Address" with the identical nym email you are going to use, This must be identical to the email address you used when creating your pgp keys. Then choose your corresponding key in the drop down menu below it. Make sure "Create New Account" is checked and then set your nym mailname in "Name:" and set some options if you wish. I use "Nobcc" to cut down on spam.

Next we move on to "Reply Blocks", This is how we specify the chains the return emails will travel and what email account they should be delivered to. "AUTO" chains should be okay, however we will need to set "Anon To:" to an address we will take delivery of the mail from the nymserver. Please take note that there are 2 reply block tabs activated by default, you will need to complete both of them. Last thing we need to do before we finish up in here is to replace the passphrases with "EDIT" then "Replace Passphrases". Cross your fingers and hit "Create" and enter your pgp passphrase you set up when building your keys.

If all goes well you should be presented with a "Message Book" with your encrypted message built and ready to send. You will need to choose some remailers to chain to get it to the nymserver anonymously, then hit send. If you get a pgp error it's most likely due to you not yet having imported the nymservers config key.'s is here. You can just "Copy" the key to your clipboard and then from JBN go to "Tools" then "Add Key From Clipboard" to import it and try to send again. The message should show up on the "Queue" tab in JBN and you may need to hit the "Send" button to get it to actually send it.

Step 12 - Retrieval Profile
Well now that we can send email, and sent one out that we are waiting for a reply from maybe it's time we set up a way to check for incoming mail. In JBN hit "Window" and then "Retrieval Profiles" and provide the information required to check the email account you entered in the "Anon To:" line in the Nym Book. I set mine to "Retrieve only PGP messages" so the regular email will still get into thunderbird. These settings will allow JBN to scan your email for encrypted emails and then download them for decryption.

Step 13 - Wait For Reply From Nymserver
We have to wait a while for a "configuration request reply" to come from the nymserver. This can take a long time, depending on how many remailers you have changed together in your reply block. You should receive multiple copies of this reply when it finally does arrive, one for each reply block you have active.

Step 14 - Respond To Confirm Account
Before the nymserver will actually send mail to you via a reply block, it would like conformation that is works for you. When you receive your "configuration request reply" you will need to send a reply to the email. The way to do this is with the "Reply via" drop down menu and choose "Anon Mail.TBK". You will not need to quote the message in reply, but it wont hurt anything either. Remember to make sure the email has left your queue! Now we wait for another reply from the Nymserver, be patient. When it does arrive you will be ready to use your nym.

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