Anonymous browsing with tor and privoxy for windows

Someone asked me this morning about browsing the web and masking the IP of the origin. The most effective way to do this is with tor and privoxy. These are my notes installing this stuff on windows xp.

This is about the most simple thing.

Step 1 download and install Tor

Download from our kick ass friends at EFF the Tor & Privoxy & Vidalia bundle on this page. Run the setup and hit OK a few times.. choose the defaults.

Step 2 Get the Tor Button

Well I’m assuming that if you are reading my blog you already are using firefox. If you are not using firefox, go away.. your to stupid to figure this out. or get firefox then come back and read more.

OK then, get the Tor Button firefox extension from here. Install it and restart firefox. You should notice a new indicator on the status bar. click it to change it to “Tor Enabled”

Step 3 Test

Visit or similar and confirm the IP result is not your own.


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