Winter seems to be here now.

There is a time here in Steamboat Springs when mother nature lets you know its time to get down and do winter. Well that time is here. It catches most of us here by surprise, mainly because we attempt to manifest warmness until the ski mountain opens. This year the winter call has hit harder for some.

My friends in the Naused family started off the winter with a terrible car accident. Heathre Naused hit the first patch of ice this winter and busted herself up good breaking her pelvis and giving an early birth to the first Steamboat Local in the Naused family. Big mad props to them!
Ok, so your saying to yourself… Harry doesn’t look too happy there. Well, he had a hard time while all this was going on. Seems the State troopers and he had a misunderstanding and a Dukes of Hazzard style car chase through Oak Creek Canyon. The paper wrote all about it here.
Welcome to the world Alex. Now hang on tight.. Winter is on your doorstep.

2 thoughts on “Winter seems to be here now.

  1. I’d like to read that “duke” article! I could use some funny laid back SS news coverage. The shit is better than The Inquirer or he funnies put together. What is the date on the article, and the Pilot or the Today?

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