Steamboat Springs Snow & Weather Updates

Well some of you may have noticed the addition of the snow report and weather to my sidebar. Since is the first thing I see in my web browser every morning while I drink my coffee I figured I may as well get the weather I needed to decide if it was a ski day or not.

The snow report comes from which offers up an XML feed of the report, however it has been broken for years because it has no “style” associated with it, making it useless for anyone with a normal RSS reader to subscribe. So I made up a cron job to scrape the snow page on and dump it to a php for including here. If you would like to use the no frills raw scrape of the report for viewing on your phone or whatever just point it to and stay updated. I promise you your browser will not complain about plugins your missing, and it wont crash because of some fancy web designers effect is overpowering your device. Just the snow report.

Getting the Weather was much simpler. NOAA kicks ass when it comes to sharing info and the Weathericon plugin uses the information from to fill in the weather info I want into the sidebar, its simple and I recommend it to anyone who would like weather in their wordpress.

I was quite pleased with myself yesterday when I woke up all hung over and stumbled downstairs to my computer and saw the mountain had 5 inches at 5am. When I got on the mountain at 8am it was at 11 inches. My official first powder day of this season. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Steamboat Springs Snow & Weather Updates

  1. Hey There, I am trying to get up a steamboat snow report like you did and also noticed that the report wont read into most readers. can you send me the Cron script you use to scrape the info? Thanks! -Tyler

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