I fought the law and the phrog won. (round 1)

1way.jpegSome of you may know that I got arrested back on Dec 13th. I didn’t blog about it at the time but I have been receiving many inquires as to WTF is happening with it. Well I did refuse to blow or give blood to the officer, and in Colorado we have the “Express Content Law” That means if you refuse to submit to the test they can take your license away for a year. So they took my drivers license and I filed for a hearing in the matter within the allotted seven days to do so. I had that hearing last week and the hearing officer needed to decide on the case by today or the 60 day time period would expire on the hearing window. It expired today and I went to the local DMV and they were forced to fully reinstate my license and do it for free as well!

The next round is the arraignment with the county court. on Feb 19th. I’ll keep yas’ posted

One thought on “I fought the law and the phrog won. (round 1)

  1. FYI, the arraignment went off on Feb 19th and I plead not guilty. Next is a hearing set for March 5th. Hopefully I will be able to file some motions to get this matter dismissed at that time.

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