Where the hell have I been?

OK, I know it’s been a Looooooooooong time. I suck at updating my blog when I have a lot to complain about, I start to sound like I’m bitching. So I’m here to give up the condensed rant of the month..

  • I had a birthday, Wanted to play outside.. but I got snow.
  • A dumbass client pissed me off good.
  • Knock got arrested driving for no good reason (muddy tail lights). Car was impounded. City police blow donkey balls.
  • I spent some time with etree.org. etree had a brief meltdown, one of it’s major contributers lost his marbles.
  • Burnt purchased a used truck without my looking it over. Then the wheel feel off and I rescued him. The rear end had to be replaced.

I could go on but I’d rather take the time to list a few positive things..

  • I got Seymours truck running again, and he gave it to me!
  • Mothers Day was very nice and I made (my mothers) BBQ ribs!
  • steamboathills.com opened and I have played a few rounds.
  • Graham & Dora made a new baby! Welcome Owen – sucks to be a newbie.. grow fast! ;P
  • Sold some old tin from the yard and got $500 – w00t!
  • Got invited to a really nice private music tracker, going flac on all my music

If you want more details… comment. 😉

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