Why I Voted Obama – Network Neutrality

This election was easy for me to decide. I run my own servers on the internet and I like being able to do as much with them as I can. I run web servers, email, DNS, IRC, forums, remailer, nymserver, streaming audio! torrent trackers! Oh My! Needless to say, the shit would hit the fan around here if my internet service provider started blocking me from doing what I do with my internet connection. Some ISP’s have already begun to do so.

Well, Obama was the only candidate on board with my concerns so he won my vote easily . Today I am feeling a bit reassured that I made the right decision. Obama started a new way for the government to keep in touch with us, change.gov. Within two days of the election Obama’s transition team laid out his science and technology agenda. I must admit, I am somewhat impressed. 🙂

At a speech at google headquarters Obama raised the issue.

One thought on “Why I Voted Obama – Network Neutrality

  1. Amen Phrog….You like our President elect have the welfare of ALL in mind and you have been doing this since I met you..
    Phrog for a cabinet position….

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