Gaper story – “Where’s Margie?”

Went skiing today with haroldt. This is the gaper story for the day.We arrived late, but hey, at least we got up the mountain on a powder day.

Took off like storm troopers looking for freshies and did quite well on triangle and in the lolly-gag trees. Time was running out but we ended up at the south peak chair at 3:30. A great place to end up at that time because you are far away from the base area and have two chair rides to get you home. Still..

We rode up the south peak chair and then hit ROLEX. This kicked both of our asses good. Headed for the Elkhead chair with nothing left in our legs. It appeared there was no line at all and I was looking forward to having a place to sit down. (really I was)

This is when the gaper stuff begins.

I slide up to Elkhead ready to sit down and there is a couple in the lift line ahead of me, hey I’m chill. I have to wait a few seconds for harlodt to slide up behind, so I just stand there waiting. Then harlodt arrives. We are ready to sit down, but there is an obstruction. The couple (now know as the gaper couple) is asking the lift-op how to get off the mountain and he is more than happy to take time to explain the nuances of skiing the Elkhead saddle. “You go up this chair… then you have to take a left…(and so on and so on and so on)” By this time, it is quite noticeable that several chairs have gone by. And, ah, hey!, we are back here!, waiting! The kind gaper wife offers to scoot over to let us pass. She says, “Would you like to go around? Go around.” The magic words! We say thanks and all that to be polite and scoot on up to the red line, together with the gaper couple. The lift-op with his Elvis sunglasses on and not knowing WTF is happening hollers out, “FOLLOW THIS CHAIR!”

Push……………… I go.
Push……………… haroldt goes.
Push……………… gaper guy goes .
his wife………….. left behind.
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Gaper guy starts talking to us for a moment thinking we were his wife, then caught himself.
Gaper guy: “Where’s Margie?”
phrog: “She decided to ride the next chair. See.. She is just back there don’t worry (pointing).
This chair goes to the same place as that one.” 😎

To Be Continued………?

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