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  1. Thank you! This is coming in handy. I can’t believe this thing was never more popular. Still so useful and it was a great deal even back then.

  2. Nice. I also still have the following files:

    1. ASIOEZbus
    2. EZbusInstaller
    3. WinXP
    4. WinXPfirmware
    5. XP_Update


  3. Just obtained an EZBus and am trying to get ASIO / my DAW to recognize it on Windows 7 (i know, its a stretch) and I’m getting nothing. Not a whole lot of solid information online for this. Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. i just got this device second hand without and information on if you could help me with the drivers or some information about getting the usb to function that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Great information…I’m obtaining a humming from my monitors. I’m quite sure it comes from the EZ Bus. Anybody know how to control this?

  6. omg.omg

    This is AWESOME. I’ve had one since I bought it new, and I’ve spent the last 5 years trying to get 8 simultaneous Inputs into Sonar (I have a GINA 24 (2×8 analog, ADAT I/O, Spdif Optical and Coax, I’ve never got them to sync/play the same way together twice, I think there is a bad optical transmitter).

    When I get an hour or two of “Error 88” or “Warning! Sample clock has changed”, I inevitably collapse, bemused, and I fall asleep and dream of…..(dare I say it?)

    1. FIRMWARE HAACKS/ Upgrades? (I really am wondering what is under the hood here, but geeze, there has to be a way to add parameters, or perhaps even new FX types)

    2. Finding one of the original engineers. Because knowledge.

    3. Motorized Fader Mod.

    I’m just so happy. I thought I was the only one that had one of these. I’ve Never been able to figure out the Sonar Automation. I mean, yes, I’ve gotten it to WORK (physical fader moves the virtual one, but I’ve never gotten it down to a “turnkey” solution.

    NOW the plan is to get my Droid RAZR USB host mode to work with this….

  7. Hi guys,

    Glad to see there are still some EZbus users out there! I too bought mine when it launched and felt completely abandoned less than a year later. I still have my EZbus and it performs very well as a hardware mixer, but that is all.

    The main problem with it is that it was based around the USB1 protocol, which had a maximum bandwidth of just 12Mbit/s, compared to 480Mbit/s on USB2. This just wasn’t enough, and Event’s drivers just couldn’t cut it.

    However, a German company called Ploytec have developed a generic USB audio driver which does support the EZbus, but only for audio, not for MIDI. It costs €44 and is available here…


    There are versions for OS9, OSX and Windows from XP to 7, both 32 and 64 bit.

    I used this successfully on an XP based system until I eventually replaced the EZbus with an E-MU PCi card. I can’t vouch for the drivers performance on more recent systems, but their driver is used by many top name audio interface manufacturers.

    As a matter of interest, I recently acquired an iMac and thought I’d try the EZbus with it. I plugged it in, no need for drivers and the thing works really well with it, albeit that I have to set sample buffers on my DAW at nothing lower than 512, but it is usable!

    Anyway, I hope that helps those who are looking to keep this flawed workhorse alive! 🙂


    Failed Muso

  8. guys i bought an ezbus from usa 110v and i use it we a transformer for europe to 220v but i have crazy problem with noise in the outputs…..any thoughts?

  9. hi antonis, I would check the ground(earth) connection is grounded to the same location as the amp you are using for playback. If they are far apart they will hum.. google “ground loop” for more info.

  10. Hi. Have any Windows 7 users been able to configure the EZBus to work? I use Cubase 5 and have not managed to get the ASIO driver to show up in Cubase. I’ve tried both the EZBus Installer route and copying the ASIOEZBus driver to the C:\Windows\System32 directory. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks,


  11. I recently got an EZbus and EZ8. I’m on Windows 7 64 bit and I managed to get the usb working.

    Does anybody have the driver for the EZ8 card?

  12. I’m not sure what Nick means about getting the USB to work, but here’s how I got it to run on Window 7 as an audio.device and a control surface.

    -Set EZbus USB setting to Audio only (Audio+MIDI+Bulk causes a BSOD
    –Ploytec USB Audio ASIO driver ver. 2.8.40 (install and plug in the USB when prompted)
    -Yamaha UX-16 MIDI cable (Plug the In plug from the cable into the Out of MIDI 2, ONLY)

    I able to go into the Action menu of Reaper and start prgramming faders, transport controls, etc.

    Bottom line, everything seems to work fine.

  13. Hi guys,

    longtime ezbus user here (also :-)).

    My mixer started to behave really strangely a couple of years ago. It intermittently “freezes”/hangs. When it does so, it always begins with a sharp noise, followed by a blank screen and a digial sine-wave being output. On a good day, a couple of recycles of the on/off button works, but often i need to stay away from the mixer for a couple of hours, after which it starts just fine again.

    Now, i kind of do recognize this behaviour from other equipment where such a power drop-out often is related to bad capacitors. Have anyone of you encountered similar behaviour before? Is it awkward to open it up (i.e is the internals accessible in an easy way?)

    any pointers?

  14. This is a good forum. I have had an EZBus for about 10 years after getting it used for $100 from a guy who couldn’t figure it out. I agree it is difficult! I am still learning a lot. But it is a great device. I’ve looked for a way to convert ADAT optical to Firewire so I can bring 8 channels into my Mac. Haven’t found that holy grail. For anyone needing it here’s a link to the manual, because the one on this page doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for explaining how to make the EZBus work with Windows 7. I still have an old XP computer that I use just for recording, but would like to upgrade to 7 if money allows. http://www.failedmuso.com/ezbus/EZbus+Reference+Guide+V1_0.pdf

  15. My pleasure Nick. It’s good to know there are still people using this device. I had the EZ8 card but couldn’t get it to work properly so I got the E-MU PCI card that Failed Muso mentioned. It works well. My windows DAW is a Steinberg product called “Sequel, ” which is kind of a low-end version of Garageband for Windows. I would like to be able to bring eight channels of ADAT optical into my Mac, but haven’t found a simple ADAT-Firewire or USB 2.0 interface. There’s one called the Lightpipe that handles 32 ADAT input channels, way more than I need. If anyone knows of a solution… let me know! Also, does anyone know why iTunes stopped allowing you to make an MP3 file out of an AAC file? I seem to recall you could make an MP3 to reduce the file size for emailing, but my latest iTunes version ( doesn’t have that little feature. Thanks Apple!

  16. Still have the “freeze” problem. Have been in contact with Event Elec. but strongly believe that bad caps are to blame. I did open her up a couple of month ago to peek inside (not much to see really) but will do it again and measure the voltages coming in (pre and post the power supply).

    Some soldering to do i guess (as always.. sic)

  17. Hi All,
    I just found this site. Glad to see the EZ is getting a new life.
    Like many of you, I my EZ Bus is sitting in my studio, virtually unused. I planned on doing lots of recording, but other things in life take priorities.

    So, time has slipped by. I just turned 79 years old in December. I have decided to sell my studio stuff. The EZ I have is like new. I think I even have the hard copy manual? If anyone out there is interested, make me a reasonable offer. I could use the money. Again no raise in Soc Security, the CorpUS says no increase in cost of living. Big joke!

    I am in N. Calif. Will only ship in US.
    email: chris3901 at gmx dot com

  18. Hey my EZBus Fellow Owners,

    I’m posting this reply to possibly help each of you out in how to configure your EZBus to work using Windows 7, specifically (64-bit).

    As other post’ers have stated, above, the German company’s USB audio driver does NOT work with the EZBus’ MIDI capability – which is actually what you MUST have working in order for its’ built-in control surface capabilities controlling the virtual faders in your DAW.

    It is a shame that no company produces a USB driver that will do BOTH – but, here’s the fix – just as another post’er above had already suggested.

    You have to use TWO (2) different USB connections to your PC to get “both sides” of what the EZBus can do: AUDIO + MIDI.

    Just purchase the PLOYTEC USB ASIO driver (2.8.40), as mentioned below, and then just buy a USB-based MIDI interface (M-Audio has the best & fastest drivers) to handle the MIDI information and BAM….you’ve got yourself a CHEAP super-robust audio interface + MIDI control surface!!! I just picked up one of these super-fine units on eBay for $79 bucks and it is basically UNUSED & BRAND NEW!

    The mic pre’s alone are worth this on top of the ADAT functionality! Anyhow, here’s the other post with what will also work for your MIDI interface (Yamaha is fine, too) and this is how you make it work with “both sides” transmitting the right data: (Peace & Happy Recording!)

    I’m not sure what Nick means about getting the USB to work, but here’s how I got it to run on Window 7 as an audio.device and a control surface.

    -Set EZbus USB setting to Audio only (Audio+MIDI+Bulk causes a BSOD
    –Ploytec USB Audio ASIO driver ver. 2.8.40 (install and plug in the USB when prompted)
    -Yamaha UX-16 MIDI cable (Plug the In plug from the cable into the Out of MIDI 2, ONLY)

    I able to go into the Action menu of Reaper and start prgramming faders, transport controls, etc.

    Bottom line, everything seems to work fine.

    Russ Gaines
    Founder & CEO
    The Musician Network (TMNtv)


    President & CEO
    HomeStudioMusician, LLC

  19. love it. I own a event ezbus. like brand new. I have the manual and the propotion stuff that came with the unit.. I have the disc that came with it somewhere. got to find it. its in boxes of music c.d.s.. wow great to see a site like this.. I used mine with Cubase and an asr 10 alesis drum machine. I would love to use it with my windows 10. never tried. I think I had things go into a dj mixer,midi box etc.. those where the days of youth..

  20. I made this video a few years back, but here in 2021 I still have the EZBus working on Windows 10, still using the Yamaha UX-16. https://youtu.be/r7DXZfnmG8g

    Still using the old Ploytec driver. It looks like the Behringer U-Phoria DI box I bought used to license the Ploytec driver as well, until the license seemingly expired and they pushed everyone to ASIO4ALL, likely because they didn’t want to pay anymore to support their own product. Temped to see install the Behringer to see if they new driver improves the functionality, but a little worried it will lock out the EZBus completely, since this version of the driver wasn’t made for it.

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