Jaguar Front Suspension (IFS) Specifications

Jaguar Front Suspension

These are the Jags to look for as donors.
They are called “XJ”. XJ6, XJ12, XJS, XJ4.2, XJ5.3 (where 4.2 and 5.3 indicate engine size in liters) Just stay clear of XJ40 series from ~1987 up.

This is a Series 1. These ran from 1968 to 1973. The front end is good, but the 6 cylinder version has solid disks and 3 piston calipers. The V12 version is “the same” as series 2. If the front panels are gone look at the dash, series 1 cars had the small gauges in the middle of the car.

This is a series 2. These ran from 1973 to 1979. Note that the front bumper is higher, US models have rubber bits on the bumpers too. If the front panels are gone look at the dash, series 2 cars had the small gauges in front of the driver. All front ends are good. Vented disks and 4 piston calipers. ( If you happen to find a 2 door version of this series don’t cut it up, restorers will pay $$$ for them 🙂

This is a series 3. These ran from 1979 to 1987 as a 6 cylinder car and up to 1992 as a V12. Actually a very different car to a series 2, but looks very similar. Easiest way to tell them apart is by the lack of a front quarter window. All front ends are good, “same as” series 2.

This is an XJS. They ran from 1976 to 1997. All front ends are good. “Same as” series 2 or 3.

This is an XJ40. They ran from 1987 to 1994. Totally different front end. To me they look like they would work, but I’ve never seen it done.There is very little information available on swapping them compared with the earlier stuff. Best left alone.

Note: where I write “same” I mean functionally close enough, there are numerous detail differences that really don’t matter to a hotrodder.

One thought on “Jaguar Front Suspension (IFS) Specifications

  1. I’m wondering what the newest XJS we can use on our F1’s & F100’s. It seems that there is not much out on the inner Web about these need systems. They have better everything & I mean everything. Yet the have the same measurements when it comes to the cradle for mounting then in our trucks. Why would we use old used up Series 1, Series 2 stuff. Then have to spend a lot of money to rebuild them and still not have the quality of the newer XJS system.
    Why can I find any builds by anyone with the newer Xjs Cradle & suspension?
    Better bearings, better rack, much better brakes!

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