Dana 44 into a 19 spline Salisbury Jaguar IRS conversion parts.

This is a list of parts required to put a Dana 44 into a Jag IRS

Carrier Bearings: 25590

Carrier Races: 25523

Pinion Bearing Inner: 31594

Pinion Bearing Inner Race: 31520

Pinion Bearing Outer: M88040

Pinion Bearing Outer Race: M88010

Auburn Gear Carrier 5420111 Hi-Performance for Dana 44 3.92 up, 19 spline.

26 spline Chevy yoke Spicer #2-4-8091X

Input seal: CR 15788

Rear brake hose Part # N7000-42133 or IN102467

Please comment if you have any other part numbers to add!

9 thoughts on “Dana 44 into a 19 spline Salisbury Jaguar IRS conversion parts.

  1. Keep in mind you always need a crush sleeve or a solid pinion spacer. For the Dana / Jaguar, you will need to make your own solid pinion spaacer from a correct diameter pipe and a Dana solid pinion spacer kit(you will use the shim part of the kit) or use a actual 2.65″ crush sleeve from a late model Jeep. The crush sleeve is like for 2005 and newer. **If you do not use a sleeve or spacer, you WLL loose your bearing preload. I do not know of ANY vehicle that does not use one or the other. Just because someones ring and pinion kit did not mention it does not mean you do not need one.

  2. ADDITIONAL INFO ABOUT CRUSH SLEEVE/ SOLID SPACER.. I changed out the gears in a friends streetrod that also had an Jaguar IRS unit .We did the crush sleeve/solid spacer differently. We used a section of steel tubing and a solid spacer shim kit from a Ford 8.8 rear end. The total solid spacer that we made was 1.07″, as this rest on a ridge that is machined into the pinion shaft. If you gave a set of Dana 44 gears, you will see a ridge on the pinion shaft an inch or so up from the actual pinion teeth. That is where the crush sleeve will rest. Ours ended up at 1.07″, that gave us the correct bearing preload. Since all machining is very close tolerances but not the same, yours may end up at 1.02″ or 1.14″ ….just the difference in the machining.We made a spacer that was solid out of steel tubing , about .850″ thousands of an inch and then used the shim part of the kit to ship to the correct preload on the bearings. You could actually use (2) Ford 8.8″ solid pinion spacer kits and do the same. Again, this is pretty simple…you just need to have a spacer to keep pressure on the bearings for preload. Good Luck!


    INPUT SEAL: The input seal , Chicage Rawhide #15788 did not fit my application. I used a CA2597, which is a STOCK Dana 44 seal they use in most applications. Just ask your parts guy for a STOCK Dana 44 input seal.

    UPDATE ON CRUSH SLEEVE/SOLID SPACER.: The body of our steel tubing spacer was made out of 1.68″ OD, 1.39 IDsteel tube having a wall thickness of about .137″. In general, 1 5/8″OD x 1 3/8″ID will work. Then shim to preload with Ford 8.8 pinion shims.

  4. Phrog, Thank you for posting the bulk of the part numbers. That made it a VERY EASY swap!!!

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